High Quality Flag Images

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This is my collection of flag images in the SVG format. It contains many (but not all) national flags and some international and historical flags. They were made with precision in mind and mostly follow the official or semi-official specifications.

All flags (except the Nepalese one) have a height of 300 user units and the appropriate width. They are in "plain SVG", i.e. have no software-specific markup.

Sodipodi Supplement Package

Unfortunately, my collection is still rather incomplete. To provide you with a complete flag collection that contains all countries in the ISO-3166 standard, I've made a supplement package from flags taken from the Sodipodi Flag Collection. Almost all of them were improved by me to bring them to the same size as my flag drawings, to correct width-to-height ratios, and to bring the colours in line with my sources. Download the supplement package and just unpack it in the same place where you unpacked my flag collection.

About SVG

In order to view and manipulate these images, it is necessary that your software supports the SVG format. Well known drawing applications that are based on SVG are Sodipodi and its descendant Inkscape (the latter was used to make the images).

If you want to view SVG images in your browser, it has to support the format natively or via a plugin; the most common is the Adobe SVG plugin, which is available for Windows, Linux, and other systems.

For an overview over SVG enabled applications, please see the SVG Implementation and Resource Directory.